13 X 17 Inch Oval Ceramic Stone for Large Adjustable Rig

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Oval Ceramic Stone

13 X 17 Inch Oval Ceramic Stone for Large Adjustable Rig

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13"x17" Oval Ceramic Stone for Use on the Large Adjustable Rig

We exclusively designed the 13"x17" Oval Ceramic Stone to be used in conjunction with the Large Adjustable Rig. The Oval shape extends indirect protection under long meat cuts, specifically ribs and brisket. The Stone also provides great coverage for spatchcock chickens and pork butts. Some folks use the Oval Stone to bake French bread.

The Oval Stone sits on the Rig Crossbars or Slide Guide. You can slide the Oval Stone in/out very quickly and do not have to handle the grids(s) or food to move the Stone.

The 13"x17" Oval Stone can also be used with the Large Woo or PSWoo Rings. CGS' 3 Leg Spider is required when using the Oval Stone with the PSWoo Ring.

tip on how to use the oval stoneWe do not recommend setting the 13"x17" Oval Stone directly on the fire ring or using it as a pizza stone in most Large grills. The Stone works well as a pizza stone in XL grills, especially the Primo XL 400 Grill.

The stone protects two baby-back or St. Louis style racks lying flat; 14 lb. brisket packer, two 6-8 lb. pork butts, two spatchcock chickens or a mess of wings.

Stone specifications are: 12.75" across the flat side, 17" across the round side, 5/8" thickness and high refractory ceramics. Do not oil or use dish detergents on the stone. Best to clean with heat. Best to set the stone while the grill comes to temperature to prevent thermal shock.

Made specifically for CGS, Ceramic Grill Store.

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