Dizzy Pig: Tsunami Spin

Tsunami Spin. Inspired by the buttery warm flavor of sesame seeds, the spicy tart flavor of ginger root, and Asian and Middle Eastern spices, Tsunami Spin is in a class by itself. So balanced that no particular flavor jumps out at you, it just tastes good! Chicken coated with Tsunami and grilled to a golden brown, crusted with flavor, is sure to please. Thighs, wings, breast, whole roaster chickens…if it’s chicken, it tastes good paired with Tsunami Spin. Beer-can style, roasted, grilled, spatchcocked, smoked or pan seared, the options for chicken alone are rich. But chicken is just the start. There is still a whole world of flavoring possibilities. Seafood and vegetables love a layer of flavor that this popular Dizzy Pig blend provides.

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