The Butcher Shop

Our very own butcher, Brad – who has been in the meat business for 35 years, can offer our customers a wide selection of only-the-best quality products. He demands that every product produced is done to perfection, and we use only the best ingredients. Our sausages and beef burgers are made from scratch and contain no fillers and artificial flavorings. 

“That’s right just old fashioned meat, the way it should be” 

 We are one of the very few butcher shops that offer dry aged beef – which produces an unbelievable flavor that you won’t soon forget. Brad Specializes in dry aged beef and continues to please his customers custom cut orders.

Our beef, pork, chicken and lamb are locally grown and we do have some antibiotic & hormone free products available. 

 Please feel free to give Brad a call or better yet, stop in and discuss any questions or concerns about meat. He really is a ‘book of knowledge’ when it comes to meat, and is happy to share it, “No Charge.” 

Customer Tip: “He is a great cook when it comes to the BBQ, so don’t be afraid to ask for some great advice!

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