18 Inch Round Ceramic Stone

11.5 lb

18" Round Ceramic Stone's Most Common Uses

  • Pizza Stone for grills or ovens with 20" or larger cooking grids,
  • Heat Deflector on XL Adjustable Rig, all grills,
  • Heat Deflector on XL Woo Ring, all grills,
  • Heat Deflector on XL Spider, all grills.

We have the 18" Round Ceramic Stone fabricated exclusively for the XL grills. It is specifically sized to create an indirect, low & slow BBQ, set-up on the XL Spider, XL Woo and XL Adjustable Rig. The 18" Stone is the perfect pizza stone for these grills too - xl size pizza pies!

important notice for large grills The 18" Stone is not recommended for the Large (18" - 20") size grills. It's just too big - see our 15" or 16" Stones. The stone does not fit the Classic or Big Joe Kamado Joe® Divide & Conquer system.

Use one or two stones for pizza. Set one stone for thin crust pizza with stone placement high in the dome. Set two stones for thick crust - one for blocking, the other as the pizza stone. Don't forget to add a barrier between the stone and pizza dough, so the dough does not stick to the stone. Corn meal or parchment paper works for a barrier. Foil the top of the stone if placing food (other than dough) directly on the stone.

Stone specifications: 18" diameter, 5/8+" thickness and high refractory ceramics. Do not oil or use dish detergents on the stone. Best to clean with heat. Best to set the stone while the cooker comes to temperature to prevent thermal shock.  

Check out our 18" Stainless Drip Pan, Ceramic Spacers and 3x8 Turners. Use the Pan to catch drippings on BBQ cooks. Use the Spacers to lift the pizza stone above the blocking stone. Use the long Turner to work/check the pizza dough during the cook. 

Made specifically for CGS, Ceramic Grill Store.