Half Ceramic Stones

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Half Ceramic Stones

Half Ceramic Stones

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Use Half Stones, perfect way to get more bang for your buck.......

No where in the grilling/BBQ good book does it say, the ceramic stone needs to be a full stone. We were one the first to promote the benefits of using half stones in ceramic grills. It's as simple as:

  • when grilling, use a half stone to create two temperature zones,
  • when smoking BBQ, use two stones to create the full indirect set-up.  
Half Ceramic Stones
Half Ceramic Stones


With grilling, the first zone is direct (no stone). The heat rises straight up from the fire and radiates over the grid above. This side is the active grilling side. The second zone is indirect. The half stone knocks down the rising heat and produces a non radiating, lower temperature over the grid above. This side is the slow cook side or a staging/holding area.

With smoking BBQ, it's business as usual. Set both half stone together to create the indirect (deflector) set-up. Using two Half Stones together has negligible impact on cooks requiring a full stone.

The table below recommends the best Half Stones for CGS accessories. To find the best Half Stone configuration, just fill in the blanks: Set xx" Half Stone directly on -______;

13" Half Stone - 14" or larger cooking grids;
- Woo Ring M Series Vision™ Grills;
15" Half Stone - 15" or large cooking grids - not at felt line;
- Large Adjustable Rig Big Green Egg®;
- Large Adjustable Rig Spider Vision Grills;
- Large Adjustable Rig Kamado Joe®;
- Large Spider Big Green Egg - Half Stone only;
- Large Spider Kamado Joe - Half Stone only;
- Large Spider Vision Grills;
- Large Spider 22" Pit Boss;
does not fit Divide & Conquer Classic Kamado Joe;
16" Half Stone

- 18" or larger cooking grids;
- Large Adjustable Rig Big Green Egg;
- Large Adjustable Rig Kamado Joe;
- Adjustable Rig Pit Boss 24;
- Spider 24" Pit Boss;

18" Half Stone

- 19" or larger cooking grids;
- XL Adjustable Rig Big Green Egg;
- XL Adjustable Rig Kamado Joe
- XL Spider Big Green Egg;
- XL Spider Kamado Joe
- XL Woo Ring Big Green Egg;
- XL Woo Ring Kamado Joe;
- Half Stone Hanger Pit Boss 24


With Half Stones on the XL or Large Adjustable Rig, you might check out our Half Stone/Grid Bundles. It's the perfect 1-1/2 grid set-up when searing steaks and such. Set-up is pictured below left in Large Big Green EGG and below right in Kamado Joe Big Joe. 

Half Ceramic Stones
Kamado joe big joe half stone bundle

Made in the USA specifically for CGS, Ceramic Grill Store.

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