Large Adjustable Rig R&B Combo - Large BGE

19.0 lb

This Large Adjustable Rig R&B Combo is a multi-level grid system for the Large Big Green EGG®.

The R&B Combo is our most popular Combo for the Large Big Green EGG®. The Combo effortlessly handles raised grid, multiple grids, direct grilling and indirect smoking in the Large EGG. Ceramic grill owners routinely tell us that they love the Rig's flexibility, capacity and convenience - "it's the best accessory for the Large Big Green EGG."  

Setting up the Combo

What's in the Combo: 

  1. Large Adjustable Rig with Pair Crossbars is the multi-level rack that sits directly on the Large EGG's fire ring or grid. The Rig Crossbars hold the Oval Stone on the Rig.
  2. 13"x17" Oval Ceramic Stone sits on the Rig Crossbars and creates the indirect, smoking set-up. The Oval Stone replaces the Large Big Green EGG ConvEGGtor®.
  3. Large Adjustable Rig Slide Guide supports the Oval Grid as it slides in/out of the Rig.
  4. 13"x17" Oval Stainless Grid is the cooking grid that sits inside the Rig and slides in/out on the Large Adjustable Rig Slide Guide. It's designed to hold long foods: brisket and multiple butts, ribs or chickens.

  *Your Large EGG grid sits atop the Rig. Since you already have the grid, it's not included in the Combo.

It's a quick set-up to grill direct on a raised grid with the Rig. Just drop the Rig on the EGG's fire ring and add a grid. The Rig has four positions for grid placement.

  • The most popular grid position is the Large Big Green Stainless grid on top of the Rig. This puts the EGG grid approximately two inches above the felt line. Many Rig owners refer to this as the Large EGG's "grilling sweet spot."
  • The Combo's Oval Stainless Grid is used at the three grid positions inside the Rig. The Oval Grid sits on the Rig Slide Guide and slides in/out between the Rig's front two brackets. At the top position, the Oval Grid can slide out with the Rig in the EGG.

Note, the R&B Combo does not include the EGG grid used atop the Rig. You already have this grid - it came with the EGG.

For smoking BBQ in the Large Big Green EGG, the R&B Combo efficiently handles the popular meats: ribs, brisket, pork butts, sausage and chicken on one or two grids.

The Oval Stone acts as the indirect piece and replaces the Large Big Green EGG ConvEGGtor®. The Oval Stone sits above the fire ring on the Rig Crossbars. The Stone provides full indirect coverage and protects rib and brisket ends. Plus, having the Stone above the fire ring improves airflow through the EGG when compared to a ConvEGGtor or stone that sits at the top of the fire ring.

For single grid smoking cooks, you have options on where to place the grid: Large EGG grid atop or Oval Grid inside the Rig. For two grid cooks, it's the Oval Grid at the Rig's middle position and the Large Big Green EGG grid atop the Rig, as shown in the video.

Popular Smoking Cooks with the R&B Combo in the Large Big Green EGG

  • 4 full racks babyback or St. Louis style ribs,
  • Brisket Packer & 2 full racks babyback/St. Louis ribs,
  • Brisket flat with 2 pork butts;
  • 2 pork butts & 2 racks babyback/St. Louis ribs,
  • Brisket or pork butt with a bunch of sausage,
  • 2 full chickens with ribs or sausage,
  • 2 beer can chickens with sausage or wings,
  • 2 full salmon planks or spare ribs,
  • mix & match chicken, ribs, brisket or pork butts

With ribs, smoke 'em flat & whole. No need to cut them in half or use a rib rack!

We don't use the Big Green EGG ConvEGGtor with the Large Adjustable Rig.

Cool thing about the Adjustable Rig: If you need to access the lump, just lift the Rig out. Everything (grids, stone, food) comes with it. No need to take anything apart, handle hot ceramics or find multiple places to set something hot. Proper hand protection is required.

Plus, if you want to change between indirect and direct cooking, simply slide the Stone in or out. You don't have to handle the food or grid(s). This level of convenience is a Ceramic Grill Store exclusive - no other rack system can match it.

Expand the R&B Oval Combo's Capabilities with Additional Accessory Bundles:

The R&B Oval Combo is expandable. If you have a specialty cook or need help configuring a set-up, give us a call. We've been accessorizing ceramic grills for well over a decade and really have not run into a cook that the Adjustable Rig can't do. The Large Adjustable Rig's only real limitation is the size of the Large Big Green EGG.

The tabs below highlight three popular accessory bundles that expand the R&B Combo's capabillities. Each adds a new and fun capability with the R&B Oval Combo. The fourth tab highlights the R&B Combo's specifications.

More Detail - Click Tabs

  • Rig Extender/Grid 
  • Half Stone/Grid 
  • Spider/13" Stone 
  • Specs

The Large Rig Extender adds another cooking level atop the Rig. It's a key piece to adding more convenience and flexibility to the R&B Combo when grilling or smoking. Check the Chicken and Rib videos. Atop the Extender is a great spot for pizza too.

Large Adjustable Rig Extender/Grid Bundle Options:

  • Large Rig Extender adds another level above the Rig, high in the dome;
  • 16" Sliding D Grid sits atop the Extender and pushes back to open up access to a grid below. It's the top grid in the chicken video. The D Grid is primarily used when grilling with multiple grids - searing steaks below, veggies up top or doing the reverse sear.
  • Second 13"x17" Oval Stainless Grid sits atop the Rig Extender and is used when rotating grids is key. Check how we rotate grids in the rib cook video. Dual Oval Grids is a great way to handle big chicken wing cooks - rotate the grids between positions, not each wing.

A Half Grid and/or Half Stone adds a new dimension when grilling with dual temperature zones on the Adjustable Rig. Let your imagination run with the multiple ways to grill.

Large Adjustable Rig Half Stone/Grid Bundle:

  • 9"x18" Half Stainless Grid sits atop the backside of the Rig;
  • 15" Half Ceramic Stone provides the half indirect set-up;  
  • Large Half Stone Hanger w/ Crossbar holds the Half Stone under the Half or Oval Grid.  

The Spider and 13" Ceramic Round Stone convert the R&B Combo into a big meat smoking machine. The Spider and Stone sit under the Rig and replace the Oval Stone as the indirect set-up.  

The Oval Grid sits at the lower Rig setting. The Large Big Green EGG goes on top of the Rig. Now the Grids are properly spaced to handle 4 pork butts or two brisket packers.

Large Adjustable Rig Spider/Stone Bundle:

  • Spider drops inside the fire ring and holds the 13" Round Ceramic Stone.
  • 13" Round Ceramic Stone creates the indirect set-up under the Adjustable Rig with two grids.

The Adjustable Rig is a simple to use “multi-levelâ€