Vision Spider - Classic, Professional, Signature Series Grills

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Vision Spider by ceramic grill store

Vision Spider - Classic, Professional, Signature Series Grills

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The Vision Spider fits the Vision Classic, Professional and some Signature Series Vision Grills sold at Sams Club, Home Depot and other retail outlets. These are the Vision B Series, C Series and S Series grills with 19" to 19.5" diameter Stainless (lower) cooking grid.

The Spider is a very handy multi-tasker for your Vision Grill.

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The Spider is a handy accessory that provides a wide range of flexibility. The bullet points follow the video:

  • Vision Spider is a 3 leg Ring used as a platform to hold other cooking tools. It can be set legs up or down.
  • Use a 15" Half Ceramic Stone to create a direct and indirect set-up under the Vision Main cooking grid.
  • Drop a 13" Cast Iron Grid to sear steaks close to the fire.
  • Set-up indirect for low & slow, BBQ, smoking cooks using 2 15" Half Ceramic Stones or full 13" Ceramic Stone. We recommend the 2-15s over the full 13, if your firebowl is wide enough, check specs for details.
  • Drop in a 16" Carbon Steel Wok for hot and fast Asian cooks. Can go up or down with Spider, your choice.
  • Place the Spider for easier flipping and turning with hamburgers on an 18" Cast Iron Grid.

We recommend you verify the following measurements to insure the Vision Spider fits your Vision grill. Both measurements are across the top of the firebowl, see below:

  • A: The grill's inside diameter needs to be greater than 19".
  • B: The firebowl's inside diameter needs to be greater than 16.25" and less than 17.25".

To insure accessories (searing grids, stones, pans and woks) fit inside the Spider legs, their diameter needs to be smaller than 15.30 inches. All Measurements are +/- 3/32".

Best to have one of the Spider legs resting under the flip portion of the lower grid.

Vision Spider

Specs on the Spider legs:

  • In the down position, the Vision Spider drops approx. 2" into the firebowl, enough room for the stone and 1" deep drip pan.
  • In the up position, the Vision Spider elevates approximately 2.5", near the felt rim.

Depending on your primary needs, we recommend either the 13" or 15" Round Ceramic Stone. The 13" Round is a more open fit in the fire ring. The 15" provides more indirect coverage for big cooks. For the 15" Stone, we recommend your fire bowl have a minimum 16.25" inside diameter across the top of the fire bowl. If you can swing two 15" Half Stones, they'll give you the most options.

Fabricated with 1/4 inch 304 stainless steel. Leg welds are Tig welds for improved stability; Made in the USA by Ceramic Grill Store.

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