XL Adjustable Rig w Pair Crossbars - XL BGE

5.0 lb


This racking system is designed to work in tandem with the XL Big Green EGG®

We recommend the XL Adjustable Rig Combo packages. The Combos cover the popular set-ups and make purchasing easy.  

To use the XL Adjustable Rig, you'll need to add either the 20" D, 16"x20" Oval or 20" Round Stainless Grid. The 20 D is great for access to lower grids or the lump. the 16x20 fits inside or atop the Rig. The 20 round provides full grid size atop the XL Rig. Our grid preference order is 20 D first, 16x20 second and 20 round third.

To create an indirect set-up (best set-up for any ceramic grill), add our 18" Round Ceramic Stone under the Grid. The XL Rig can be configured with the Big Green Egg® ConvEGGtor® or our XL Woo Ring for multi-level BBQ, low & slow cooks.

The XL Adjustable Rig (Rig) is an easy to use “multi-tasker. It sets-up quickly for grilling on a raised grid by adding a grid on top. For creative and expanded set-ups, add any of the accessories listed below.

The XL Adjustable Rig platform is 6" tall. The Rig's four bracket settings are 1.5", 3.0", 4.0" and 4.5" above the fire ring. Use the Crossbars to position grids, stones, pans, skillets and such at each bracket setting. The Rig is easy to work around, won’t hinder air flow and stores in the grill. Comes with one pair of Crossbars.

Additional Accessories that enhance your XL Adjustable Rig capabilities include:

  • Platforms: XL Woo or Big Green Egg's ConvEGGtor®;
  • Grids: 20" D, 16"x20" Oval, 20" Round Stainless;
  • Indirect Piece: 18" Full or Half Ceramic Stone(s);
  • Drip Pans: 18" Round Stainless Drip Pan;
  • Other: XL Slide Guide with Crossbar, Extra Pair Crossbars, Open Bar Ring, Solid Sheet Ring, Ang-L Brackets, 16" Wok

Fabricated using Stainless components. Made in the USA exclusively for CGS.